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Step 1. Download Script

Before you start using Cubase Fader controller mobile application, you must first register and install the necessary command script, then connect your mobile to Cubase. Follow these instructions to get started.

Please download the script from the table below:

1.1 Cubase Version

Version File name Action
Cubase 5 cubase_script_5+.xml Download
Cubase 9 + cubase_script_9+.xml Download

1.2 Nuendo Version

Version File name Action
Nuendo nuendo_script.xml Download

Step 2. Installation Remote Control Script

Cubase Fader Controller needs remote control command to map the with Cubase. For that reason this step is necessary to make the application works correctly with Cubase.

Please follow these instructions below:

  1. 1. Download and install Remote Control Script from previous step

  2. 2. Open Cubase Studio Setup page .

  3. 3. Click Generic Remote option from the left Menu.

  4. 4. Click import button and choose the script file Downloaded from the step (1).

  5. 5. Click OK button.

The script will be installed one time.